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Our website is dedicated to give you the information and opportunity to learn about and train Wing Tsun Martial Arts in Bromley, so you can improve your fitness, personal safety, confidence and gain all the other benefits that come through training our system. Look through our site for more information and the opportunity to claim a free trial.

We have been running Martial Art schools across the South East for nearly 8 years and had great success with families, individuals, and the wider community.

When you come and train with us you will be learning a Self Defence Martial Art that will give you a fitter body, a fitter mind and your personal safety. You won’t leave our club with medals or trophies; you will leave with Self Defence skills and knowing you can walk the streets in absolute safety.

We have comprehensive programmes that will give you the Self Defence skills in your 5 ranges of Kicking, Punching, Knees & Elbows, Throwing and Ground Fighting. As well as programmes for Anti Weapons, Multiple Assailants, Counter Kicking and Control & Restraint. There is nothing you won’t learn.

Our Bromley Martial Art School is centrally and conveniently located in the heart of the town. Whether you are coming to class on foot, car or travelling by public transport getting to our school is hassle free.

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Bromley Self Defence

‘If you look a victim you’ll be a victim’

Wing Tsun Martial Arts is a Self Defence system that gives personal safety to millions around the world. We will improve you and your family’s personal safety, confidence and fitness, as well as giving you more discipline that you can extend in to all areas of your life.

Thanks to our training methods and the Wing Tsun principles it means that anyone regardless of size, age, height, fitness or weight can enjoy gaining the benefits from our system. We will make sure when you come and train in our classes you will have plenty of fun and leave the school feeling good after a great experience.

Our school culture and atmosphere is very important to us, and we make sure you will be training in a friendly and comfortable environment, with approachable instructors who are there to look after you. It’s important that when a student comes to our school they feel at home, so they are relaxed and free from distraction so they can gain the most from their training. You will see this when you come to class.

Our Martial Art has a comprehensive curriculum of self defence that will give you all the techniques you need to protect yourself against anyone and any attack. We have extensive programs that will teach you the skills of the 5 ranges, which are kicking, punching, knees & elbows, throwing and ground fighting, as well as our programs for multiple assailants, counter kicking, anti weapons and control & restraint. We are all you need.

Training in our classes will give you the confidence to walk tall and become more life assertive.

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About the Wing Tsun Martial Art system

The main purpose of Wing Tsun Martial Arts is to be an effective and realistic system of self-defence. As the Art is a system, this means it is an organic, evolving fighting style that develops techniques and reactions around the principles of the system.

The principles of our Martial Art are to ‘seek and destroy‘.

Wing Tsun Martial Art Principles

1- Go forward- Advance immediately in order to attack the opponent. If contact is made with the limbs use reactions developed from contact training (Chi Sau- automatic fighting reflexes) for self defence. This counter intuitive response will defend the attack, and moves the fight into a close distance in which tactile reflexes will dominate over visual reactions, where the Wing Tsun practitioner will have the advantage.

2-Stick to the opponent and their attack- If you strike and make contact with your opponents arms/legs, maintain contact so you can respond/control their movements and position. Once there is an opportunity, you give up sticking, and go in with your counter attack.

3- Yield to a greater force- Since you cannot expect to be physically stronger than every potential attacker, you must train in such a way as to be able to win even against a stronger opponent. Chi Sau training teaches the automatic reflexes needed to respond to an opponent’s attacks. When an attack is simply stronger than yours, your trained reflexes will automatically tell your body to move out of the way of the attack and find another angle for your counter attack.

4- Follow- As an extension of the first principle, when the opponent retreats, a Wing Tsun practitioner’s immediate response is to continue to move forward, not allowing the opponent to recover and have an opportunity to reconsider his strategy of attack. Many styles that rely on visual cues prefer to step back and wait and time their attacks, as frequently seen in sport and competition fighting.

Wing Tsun Martial Art does not only focus on Self Defence techniques, but also develops fighting and energy principles to be practiced at all times.The main understanding is that, it is impossible to visually recognize the precise direction and speed of an attack and make a conscious decision on an effective way in which to react, all within the very brief amount of time you have before your opponent’s attack lands.
Instead, you must counter attack immediately in a very direct and protected response and rely on reflexes to determine how to react to your opponent’s attack. Chi sao, which means ‘sticking hands’ trains a student to respond reflexively to the force, direction, and speed of an attack, based on tactile information – which the human brain processes much faster than visual information.

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We look forward to seeing you at Martial Arts Bromley.